For Justice

No peace is possible without fair laws ensuring justice to its citizens regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, religion, and social and education backgrounds.

It is not common for injustice to spread like fire these days. Even worse is the fact that it is more widespread among the poor and the underprivileged than the rich-class people. We primarily aim to eradicate this injustice gap. Then, the final goal is to eradicate it completely from the state of Maine. Without this, it is impossible to establish permanent peace. They both are the sides of the same coin.

For establishing such justice, we strongly feel to make laws applicable to all the citizens without any kind of bias. At the same time, it is our strong opinion that we need to approach each individual without any discrimination. Our volunteers have always been struggling for making people aware of their rights and duties in this regard. Even today, we are conducting awareness campaigns so that our people do not seek justice; justice legally comes to them!

For Peace

Peace should never confine to one individual, society, or community. In reality, it should be extended to each corner of the Maine state.

We always with this end outcome in mind! Our volunteers and your chosen leaders together take every possible measure to establish peace across the state. We do not work to do so in just one part of the state, which is typically the outcome of unwanted corruption and biased decisions. With such a noble aim in hearts, nothing seems to impede us!

There is only one thing to impede us: people’s ignorance! We are breaking this shackle through our constant efforts in the form of campaigns driven by utmost humility as well as passion to make people aware! This awareness is for their rights, fights, duties, and legal actions that they can take to establish peace without triggering or spreading any kind of violence.