Our Sustainability

Is from you and for you!

We do not believe in acting unless hearing the full story. In simple words, before acting, we first hear what everyone in the scene has to say. Just listening to one or two famous or influencing individuals simply does not result in unbiased tackling.

We know that most politicians are infamous for their unfair inclination towards listening to the most popular or influencing parties. Well, this is the very base of violence, conflicts, and fights. The approach is never going to restore peace at any point in time. This is because the ways that seem to be instantly lucrative (to self) often are the doorways to comprehensive losses (for the people).

These ways we seriously do not want to advocate, use, or extend by any means. This is our pledge!

We will only be using those ways that end up bringing a win-win situation for our people as well las for us. This is also our pledge!

To stick to your pledge incessantly and consistently, we believe in knowing the viewpoints or understanding of all parties involved in the issue-creating scene. When we do so, we come to know where the gap lies or the cause of problem is. So, we hear fully and say nothing during that time. To solve a problem, this is indispensable. Otherwise, no solution is possible no matter how much one tries!

We take an action only after knowing fully what had actually happened. This knowing comes from impartially as well as patiently hearing each person involved in the situation. Based on what we comprehensively come to know, a step towards settlement or resolution is taken.

We do not take any action that is detrimental or conflicting to anyone involved in the case. This is because this is against the laws of non-violence and peace. In fact, our diligent action or step is such that it benefits everyone. While it offers settlement to the sufferer, it does so by making the opposition or the defaulter understand what is right and what is wrong. In any case that disturbs regional peace, only two parties are involved: Sufferer and Defaulter.

Most of our solutions are based on mutual consent and consequent perks acting as persuading kicks followed by satisfactory settlement. In some exceptional cases, we may choose to go in the favor of the sufferer if the defaulter is keen on using illegal means or defaulter if proved at no fault.

Well, the right to decide this is solely with us. However, it is dominated by the values of impartiality and transparency, which exist in the foundation of peace and order. So, there is no scope of any kind of adverse effect on the society. This is what we can promise you the least.

Our actions can range from simple to composite measures, like consulting both parties involved to conducting workshops and campaigns if the problem is at a collective level in any area. It may even include multiple rounds of consulting or discussing to come up with a mutually agreed settlement. In short, whatever we do is always from the point of view of peace and justice. Nothing from our side can go against these values.

Implementing a settlement, resolution, or a solution is work half done! The remaining half work is to follow it up and see that all is well.

Many times, we have seen that implementing a solution or making a settlement seems effective initially but later create some unforeseen issues. For example, if a mutually agreed settlement is brought, there are chances for any of the parties to express their dissatisfaction later. This itself can be a cause of a more complex issue perpetuating strife and disturbing harmony although gradually.

So, we believe in taking a follow up for some time just as the sales people follow up after selling a product or giving a service. Through this follow up, we remain assured that everything is in peace and that there are no signs of any invisibly burning issue.

The duration of follow up to be done varies from one case to another. However, a follow up, if done for sufficient time, removes the possibilities of other issues that may crop up. The exact specification of this sufficient time is identified by the Co-founder and Founder mutually based on their experience.

Our follow up includes meeting the parties frequently but casually without letting them know that we are here to take a follow up. We do not even dress formally. This helps us to mingle with them and know what is going inside them so that anything problematic can be detected.

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